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- spiritual empowerment coach - intuitive life coach - embodiment coach - personal empowerment - mindset shifts

Welcome, Goddess!

In one way or another, I like to think the Universe brought you here, and I am so happy it did. I am Melissa Allison, a speaker, coach, and author - here on a mission to help you reclaim your power, reach your goals, and explore the forbidden so you can live a life that is FULLY yours and in alignment with your desires. 

Check out the free resources or connect with me to start exploring and building the dreamy life you crave. 
When was the last time you dared to explore what's forbidden? 
FORBIDDEN: [fərˈbidn]adjective:  not allowed.synonyms: prohibited · banned · debarred · vetoed · proscribed · ruled out · blocked · rejected · refused · criminal · outlawed.

Everyone has inherited limiting beliefs and rules about life, love, and what is possible for them. It's been the way of things since the beginning of time. Melissa's coaching is about shifting your perception and empowering yourself to be the very thing you didn't think possible... the promise of you.

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